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Free Pattern Friday: Plarn Scrubbie

24 Sep

Unless you, say, mentioned to your mom that you were going to do a post about plarn and she then gave you her entire plastic bag stash, you probably don’t have a zillion grocery bags laying around (because you already recycled them, obviously).  Possibly you just don’t want to commit to making eighty thousand yards of plastic yarn, which I totally get, since there are little strips of plastic covering my entire craft room floor right now.  Either way, here’s a quick little pattern for a dish scrubbie that you can easily make using only one grocery bag’s worth of plarn (I used those super thin produce bags for mine… I think 2 or 3 total).

Plarn Scrubbie

1: ch 6, sl st to form a loop

2: 14 dc into loop

3: dc-inc around (28)

4: *sc, trc*  (to give it a bit of texture)

5: *dc, dc-inc*

6: sc around & FO.

Mine ended up being about 4 inches across, but your size will vary depending on how thick your plarn is & what size hook you use.  Enjoy!  })i({

The End of the Freecycle Yarn

21 Sep

Well, I finally used up the last of my freecycle score by making a zillion teeny granny squares and another pair of Stay at Home Socks.

I threw the teeny squares into a basket, partly because I had no idea what they were going to become, and partly because I love baskets, and putting things in baskets, and also talking about putting things in baskets.  I heart baskets.  I also less than 3 baskets.  Whenever I can combine crochet and baskets, I totally do.  Anyway.  Here’s the basket, where the squares stayed for quite some time:

They were happy there, they really were, but they wanted more from life, and so they lived a comfortable yet somewhat unfulfilled life inside the basket.  Finally, just when they thought they could last no longer, I got tired of looking at them and turned them into this groovy tote bag:

(which someone will be getting for Christmas…)    Yay!  })i({