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Conservation Cat

7 Mar

Having trouble sleeping at night?

Nina isn’t.  She rests secure, knowing that her reusable grocery bags help save our planet’s resources (and they save her mommy 5 cents each time she uses them)!


I can haz save the planet?

Well, Ill have a nap. Then we can save the planet.

Happy Monday, everybody!


Happy Weekend Bug!

25 Sep

How can you not have a happy weekend after looking at this adorable little friend?  His name, in case you were wondering, is Frank  (although he sometimes goes by Horatio).  I don’t know why – that’s just what he told me!  })i({

Yarny Yarn Yarn

2 Sep

Apparently word has gotten out that I am a yarnaholic, and when I was in Pittsburgh last weekend my grandma gave me a whole bag full of scrap yarn (thanks, grandma!) and some plastic baby doll parts (hmm…those were a bit too scary to take picture of; think 1960’s hair cut doll heads).  Another friend of mine just donated an entire box full of goodies to me, so my yarn stash went from “meh” to “chock full of warm, fuzzy projects” in under a week!  Awesome!

Here’s some of my new stash: This box was stuffed full of snuggly soft pastel colors, vintage pattern books (which for some reason, thanks to my new iphone os4 refuse to flip right side up),

And about a zillion crochet hooks and knitting needles:

I have the best friends (and grandma) ever!  I’ve already separated some stuff out for specific projects, and most of the big box is still in the basement amidst the disaster area that is my downsizing attempt (I’ll update that for you one of these days), but here’s what my stash bag looks like now:
Delicious!  This, by the way, is my favorite way to conserve resources.  I’m a big, big fan of freecycling, and this is just one more way to consume a little bit less.  I don’t have to buy yarn, my grandma doesn’t have to throw her yarn into a landfill somewhere, and my friend doesn’t have to pay to store a box of goodies she doesn’t want!  We’re all winners!  I should also add, I suppose, that Grandma purchased some of the items she gave me for $.50 at a yard sale, so technically this wasn’t freecycling.  Yard sales are yet another great way to be a little less consumer-y, though, so I’m still counting this as a triple-win situation. The things I don’t want and/or can’t use (knitting patterns, ugly doll heads, etc), I’m planning on either freecycling again or donating to Goodwill, so nothing will go to waste, and I can add even more people to the win-a-thon.  EXCELLENT! })i({