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Stop Hurting Yourselves, Family!

26 Apr

Remember how my moM had carpal tunnel surgery not too long ago and earned herself a sweet pair of wrist warmers and a strong dose of pain killers?

Turns out my M-I-L had the very same surgery this month and earned herself her very own set of wrist warmers (side note: I’m pretty sure “earned” is like, a completely inappropriate word in this situation, but I can’t think of one I like better…).

Now then. Family. I love you, and I love making presents for you, but how about you let me make you a present for no reason in particular, eh?

That means no more surgeries, no more flu viruses, no more falling down anything or breaking anything.  HECK – no more runny noses!  You got that family?  STAY HEALTHY.

And, M-I-L, please get on to the healing & feeling better part! We love you!