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28 Oct

When your landlord decides to move into your basement and you therefore decide to downsize from a 4 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom apartment (in exchange for a killer view of the city and fewer…uhm… creepy people living in your basement), and when you have exactly zero free weekends between *right now* and the day of your move, packing and downsizing tend to occur in fits and spurts.  Your hallway has this in it:

There are some actual, old school floppy discs in this box like the ones you used to play Oregon Trail in elementary school). Srsly. My husband saves EVERYTHING.

Your beloved craft room looks like this:

messy craft rooms induce panic attacks, amirite?

And that pile of boxes you were going to donate to Goodwill?  Well, there’s a three month waiting list for Goodwill pick-ups, so your basement will look like this until you decide on an appropriate back-up plan:

(I have no pithy comment about the boxes of junk in my basement.  They hurt my soul.)

So.  There’s your downsizing update.  We move in two weeks.  If you know of any packing god, or moving to an apartment god that I should be praying to, please let me know!   })i({