Cupcake Purse of Cupcakey Goodness

10 Aug

If you were turning two, I would probably make you this:

ZOMG a purse that looks like a cupcake!

I would probably stuff some sweet little 2-year-old sized flowered headbands inside of it, then give it to you before I remembered that I failed to take pictures of said little headbands.  Oops.

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes it's Cute!

You can find the FREE CROCHET PATTERN by following my link or by doing a search on Ravelry for “Cupcake Purse”.

Happy Birthday, Rory! =)


One Response to “Cupcake Purse of Cupcakey Goodness”

  1. Christina H. Bolton August 10, 2011 at 7:43 am #

    This is what you gave her? ADORABLE. 🙂

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