1 Aug

…a custom order from My Etsy Shop (oh yeah, I’m still rolling with the Etsy, don’tcha know)…

Senor Snoop is a whopping 8 inches tall, and I’ll be honest, my favorite part of him is his teeny tiny Snoopity little tail…

He likes big butts and he cannot lie...


Now then. I’ve somehow got to translate this pattern, which you can find for free HERE (thanks, BearBuns!) into about half its current size so I can finally, FINALLY finish the Peanuts series I started for my brother for his Christmas Gift.  I’m only 7 months behind.

Here are the little guys I’ve designed so far:

-Charlie Brown




See?  I’m making progress!

…Want more Snoopy?

I made a few minor changes to BearBuns’ pattern – I added a tail and simplified the legs a bit – but the pattern is COMPLETELY adorable, right?

Snoop's MySpace Profile Pic... he's so Emo...














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