A Custom Order

12 May

Ch-ch-ch-check out these adorable infant headbands I recently made up for a custom Etsy order:

The cuteness! It hurts my eyes!

They’re made with a merino wool/acrylic blended yarn, which is both ultra soft (yay!) AND machine washable (double yay!)

The definition of cute.

Since the yarn is just the *perfect* amount of stretchy, newborn miss adora-baby girl won’t have to worry about those pesky elastic lines scrunching her perfect little forehead!

Too cute - A little too cute!

I’m CERTAIN you yourself know of an adora-baby girl who absolutely NEEDS a set of these, don’t you?  Shoot me an e-mail or convo me on Etsy and I’ll totally make some for you!


In the meanwhile, please expect my posts to be a tad bit more… scarce than you’re used to.  I’ve got a major project in the works that I’d typically give myself, say, three months to complete.  Due to my epic procrastination, however, I have only a little over a month to get it finished.  *sigh*  Someone really ought to keep a closer eye on me.  Chins up, though, friends – I recently discovered Tiger Balm (thanks, Suzanne!), and with that little miracle plus my ritual epsom salt soaks, I should really be able to finish up this project with all 10 fingers still attached!

Oh, and one more thing…  HERE COMES A CUTE BOMB!


Happy Happy Warm Fuzzies to all!

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