Byron’s Welcome to Earth Blanket

13 Apr

Welllll, a thing happened.

Remember that sweater I was working on?  You know, the one made entirely of single crochets that was slowly sucking out my soul?

As it turns out I misread the pattern size, and instead of having a grown-up sized shrug I ended up with an oompa-loompa sized shrug.


He likes candy, not sweaters.


The thought of frogging the entire project made me sort of queasy, so I repurposed my sad little shrug into a happy, happy Welcome to Earth blanket for my newest nephew, Byron!

As it turns out, oompa-loompa sized shrug patterns are also perfectly sized baby blankets, so I just added a quick dark blue border and… VOILA! Not only did I avoid frogging entirely, I also got a head start on Byron’s blanket!  He won’t be around until fall, but when he gets here he’ll have this awesome little blanket to snuggle.

I was going to add an applique of some kind to dress it up a bit, but after I put the border on I decided I liked the clean, simple look I had going.  Baby boys aren’t really in to frou-frou appliques anyway, right?


Texture = Awesome.



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