Free Pattern Friday: Granny Shrug

18 Feb

Well friends, I did it!  I completed my first ever crochet sweater!  Check it out!

How cool is that?!  I found this free pattern on Ravelry, and made the following changes:


1. Because I really, REALLY don’t understand short sleeved sweaters (it’s cold enough for a sweater but warm enough for short sleeves?  DOES. NOT. COMPUTE.), I added 15 granny rows to each arm, making them nice and long.


2. Because I had it, and because I thought it looked cool, I sewed on this funky vintage button at the top:



Awww, look how the sun shimmers on this sweatery sweater!  So warm and fuzzy!

The sleeves form sort of a bell-shape!  Groovy, no?

Anyway, apparently there are tons of mad awesome fans of the granny shrug – there’s a whole Flickr group dedicated to them!

And, because I’m uber-proud of myself, here’s one more picture:

Hooray!  Happy hooking, everyone!  Have a most excellent weekend! })i({

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