Fail Sleep is Fail.

20 Jan
Renée Zellweger at Tribeca Film Festival 2010

"Wait, I'm not cute? But I'm pursing my lips and there are tears in my eyes!"

So, they’re renovating the place next door, which means that busy worker men have been pounding things, drilling things, shouting things, and making all around unpleasant noises at ungodly hours.  Luckily for us, the wall that adjoins our neighbors just happens to be the back wall of our bedroom.  Hooray.   Add to this the fact that poor Husband is on his death bead (read: has a nasty sore throat/cold/flu-ish type thing), and you’ve got a Melissaraptor who’s total sleep this week equals fail.

Having a FailSleepWeek leads to things like this:

1. Continually forgetting what day of the week it is (Holy Cow, it’s THURSDAY?!?  I really should, you know, actually check my e-mail or something).

2. Remembering to turn the crock pot on before leaving for the day, but failing to actually plug in said crock pot (YUM, cold, raw potato soup.  YUM).

3. Losing the battery charger for the camera.

4.  Starting a project, losing interest after about ten minutes, starting another project, losing interest again, and ending up with two WIPs you can’t take pictures of because the camera battery’s dead.

5. Watching Renee Zellweger movies and, despite fostering an undying contempt for Ms. Zellweger, allowing yourself to be moved to the point of tears all the while thinking There is no WAY Renee Zellweger should have been cast in this role… What’s with all those tattoos?  STOP PURSING YOUR LIPS!  She really needs to lay off the botox… Oh, Renee, seriously.  You’re just so…uhm, oh, that’s really sad.  Oh, no, you have a long lost son?  Oh, oh dear… *sniff, sniff* I HATE YOU AND YOUR FAMED ACTING SKILLS, RENE ZELLWEGER!  Can someone hand me a tissue?


It’s now 11:32 am.  That’s not relevant, really.  I just couldn’t think of a 6th thing to tie everything together.  How ’bout them Cubs, eh?  Nice weather we’ve been having lately.  Uhm, yeah.  I have to go now.   Cheers!  



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  1. auntbethany January 20, 2011 at 12:01 pm #

    I have the same thoughts and reactions about Cameron Diaz. WHY, I think, WHY is this woman acting? Because she has pencil thin legs? Puh-lease. “The Holiday” would have been a much better movie if Kate Winslet had acted the whole thing.

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