SPOILER ALERT: I have no idea what happens.

8 Dec

the translation is, roughly, "the more drugs you take, the more this movie makes sense"

I watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus last night.  I’d tell you what happened, but I honestly have no idea.  Apparently an immortal carnie has to save his daughter by collecting souls, which he sucks at, so he finds Heath Ledger/Johnny Depp/Jude Law (yes, all 3 of these guys played the same character.  Yes, that was the *least* confusing part) to help him.  Unfortunately Heath/Johnny/Jude is also some sort of deathy-immortally-sort of-beastie boy (and not the brass monkey kind), so in the end… uhm… the daughter goes to hell and then… suddenly reappears with a daughter of her own in the final scene, and the carnie guy lives happily ever after with his side-kick, a small statured man who continually jokes about *not* being a midget when he is clearly a little person (and no, it wasn’t a veiled criticism of political correctness.  It was just odd).

Other odd occurrences:

– several rich women played on a swing

– buildings randomly blew up

– the actors kept taking turns swallowing whistles


SOOOooooo, while all of this was going on, it only made sense that I dust off the old crazy stitch…




…and work on this joker-y sort of scarf, which I’m thinking would be the *perfect* gift for my shrink.  Or possibly Johnny Depp.  Hmm… Johnny Depp’s shrink?… })i({


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  1. auntbethany December 8, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

    This post makes me remember how frustrated I was with this movie…I am SO glad that you agree with me on this film! I thought maybe something was wrong with me…I mean, c’mon…a movie with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, AND Heath Ledger? It can’t be bad, right? WRONG! Ughh…I am still cringing from this movie. But…a great post!

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