Free Pattern Friday: Business Card Holder

3 Dec

Well, a girl has to put her home-made business cards *somewhere,* doesn’t she?

You’ll need:

-a bit of yarn from your stash

– a smaller bit of stash yarn in a different color

-the hook of your choice

– an embroidery needle

…here we go!…

1: crochet a 6×4 inch rectangle using your favorite stitch (*very* specific instructions, aren’t they?  I used a v-stitch, so I started with a ch of 21 & then skipped a few ch between each v on row 2, so I ended up with 6 v-stitches per row).

2. Fold your piece in half, leaving one side about an inch longer than the other.

3. Stiffen, if you’d like.  This time I tried hairspray, waxed paper, and a little cookie turner so the edges wouldn’t stick together.  You know how if you use too much hairspray it puts little flake things in your hair?  Yeah.  You really shouldn’t let me keep trying to stiffen things, people.  It never ends well.

icky, sticky hairspray flakes. Still looks cute though, right?

4.  Using your second color and embroidery needle, stitch around the outer edges of your piece, joining the edges where you’ve folded them.  The back should look like this.

(This is what the front looks like before you put the cards on.  How cute!)

If you sewed this correctly, by turning your business card holder upside-down and backwards,  you should have a little pouch to slide the extra cards in for travel.  You can also fold a few business cards in half and put them inside the pouch to add a bit of stability to your piece when it’s right side up (no one will see them, and it’s much more effective than the stiffening.  Seriously.  I have Got. To. Stop. Stiffening. Things).

Anyway, VOILA!  There you go!  A multi-tasking little business card holder you can complete in under a half-hour… a perfect addition to my table tomorrow, don’t you think?  I bet you’re just *dying* to see this little baby in real life, aren’t you???  Hmm???


Please come support local artisans & a groovy church TOMORROW, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010 at Calvary Presbyterian Church’s annual HOLIDAY MARKET!

There will be more than 20 vendors, all offering handmade goods including paintings, quilts, foodstuffs, soaps & bath lotions, ornaments, and, of course, A HAPPY LITTLE CROCHET SHOP featuring some warm, fuzzy crochet created by yours truly!

Calvary Presbyterian Church’s Annual Holiday Market

Dec. 4, 2010 9am-3pm

6120 N. Kings Highway, Alexandria, VA 22303

*I am not promoting any specific belief system or religion, nor am I affiliated with or compensated by CPC.  HOWEVER, along with my usual 10% donation to families touched by Autism, I will also be donating a percentage of my revenue to Calvary Presbyterian Church.  Just thought you might want to know.  See you tomorrow, right?  RIGHT?*  })i({


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  1. auntbethany December 3, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Okay, now that’s adorable, and I don’t even have business cards! Good luck at your craft fair!

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