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12 Nov
Rainbow striped toe socks worn with thong sandals

The Epitome of Gross.

Friends, I’m neck-deep in moving boxes and an overabundance of disposable plates and cutlery at the moment (I even *gasp* bought a case of bottled water to feed the movers, which I’m now feeling totally guilty about…) Sorry, Earth.  I’ll re-use my socks for the next month to counterbalance my blatant disregard for your Awesomeness (this is a trick.  I will not actually save the planet by doing less laundry, because socks are the devil and I wear them as rarely as possible, even in the winter.  I’m going to pretend that not wearing socks saves the planet year-round, though.  It’s the only thing that makes my moving day trade-off feasible).  Ahem.  I fear I’ve ventured off topic.  Apologies.

AAAAAnyway, since I have no idea when we’re going to get the new internet installed here at our deluxe apartment in the sky, posts in the near future are probably going to be sent via Kevin, and since I completely forgot to order the cable I need to upload pics from my camera to Kevin.the.iPad (he’s Kermit’s big gay cousin, yo), you’re probably going to want something interesting and inspiring to read whilst I put my life back together.

Try this, which I discovered just yesterday and fell completely in love with…  You’ve heard of Random Acts of Kindness?  Well, this awesome chickadee is attempting to spread the holiday spirit year round with her Random Acts of Christmas!  Take her poll, tell your friends, visit her site!  She’s super cool (I mean, I hope she is.  We haven’t actually met.  Or talked.  Or e-mailed, even.  I just really like her blog, okay?  Okay).

BYEEEEE!  })i({


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