6 Nov

My friends Andrew & Suzanne are getting married today! (Or possibly they are already married.  It depends on when you read this).  Congrats, kiddos!  Suzanne likes pears, uhm, like a lot, so for part of their wedding gift I made them some little pear ornaments!

Yeah, I know there are only 11.  I ran out of yarn & then discovered that the color I used was discontinued.  11 is better than 10, right?  Right?  It’s a… baker’s decade!

I stuffed them with some loose leaf tea I had that was too stale to drink but still smelled delicious (vanilla & chocolate), so I can officially label these little dudes as “made from recycled materials”.  Awesome, cute, AND good for the planet!

Here’s hoping that Andrew, Suzanne, & Webster live a long and happy life filled with comfort, joy, and sweet smelling pears!  (And here’s also hoping that they remember to call us next time they go to that FABULOUS Indian restaurant in Lorton…) })i({

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