Free Pattern Friday: Stash Basket

8 Oct

Shout out to a Chibi, who is celebrating her birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Chibi!  I love you!  (Chibi got a visit from her big sister (Yours Truly) and these for her birthday).


In keeping with my efforts to decorate my darling Chibi’s bathroom, I whipped up this little thing:


chibi basket!

It’s quick and easy, and once you get the basic pattern you can make them in all different shapes and sizes.  Here’s the pattern:


Easy Bathroom Stash Basket

(worked with 3 strands of worsted & a J hook)


1: ch. 11, turn.

2-7: hdc across (this will give you a rectangle of 6 stitches by 10 stitches).

8: insert stitch marker & hdc around the entire rectangle (30st)

9-20: hdc around (12 rounds) & FO.



Now just fold the top edge down to get that cute little lip, and you’re done!  Easy & cute, no? Enjoy! })i({


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