Free Pattern Friday: Make-up Bag

1 Oct

You know you want to make this adorable little make-up bag!

Here’s how:

Crochet Make-up Bag

Stitches:  chain, single, half double, double, triple.

hook:  g-hook

1:  with color 1: ch 31, turn.

2-11: hdc across, ch1, turn (30 st + ch)

***From now on DO NOT TURN, but rather work “in the round” around the rectangle***

12-13: dbl around

14: *sc, trc*

15-16: dbl around

17: *sc, trc*

18-19: dbl around

20: change to color 2, dbl around

21-22: change back to color 1, dbl around

23: *sc, trc*

24-25: dbl around

26: *sc, trc*

27-28: dbl around

29: change to color 2, dbl around, FO.

30: ch 40 in color 2.  Weave through the front middle of the bag and tie in a square knot.


I used fabric glue to attach a little felt lining to just the bottom of the bag, and then sewed three little buttons across the top of the back inside wall.  If you’re brave, you could add a zipper.  I’m not brave, so I went for the buttons.  Just make sure your buttons are small enough to fit through your last row of dbls.

I used two different textures of yarn.  The white was a baby yarn, and quite thin, and the black was a super awesome thick ribbon yarn.  I wish I could tell you what their weights were, but I can’t.  One was freecycled, and the other I got  on clearance because it didn’t have a label.  See how I am?  What I CAN tell you is that I made this pattern a few more times, once with some plarn, which was so nice and stiff I decided it should be a basket instead of a bag:

plarn basket

And once with some worsted weight yarn and an I-hook, to which I made the following pattern changes:

Skip Rows 7-11

Skip Rows 26-28

Attach Ch40 to side (as a handle) instead of weaving.

Anyway, I guess that means that technically you get three patterns this Friday!  Good for you!  Have a Warm and Fuzzy Weekend!  })i({


3 Responses to “Free Pattern Friday: Make-up Bag”

  1. Melissa October 1, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    Your dice bags would make nice makeup bags, too! 🙂

  2. ferabeth October 1, 2010 at 10:09 am #

    I am now wondering how I left a comment on my own post… hmmm… perhaps someone is filling the form out incorrectly? Although, good point, whoever you are! Dice pouches also double as cute little make-up bags. I actually added a handle to one and used it as a “going out” purse the other night… just big enough for a phone, an ID, and some moolah!

  3. ferabeth October 1, 2010 at 10:21 am #

    oh, mom. I don’t know how you’ve managed to do it, but you’re somehow posting comments under my username. lol! make sure you enter your own email address & username, not mine, kay? love you!

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