Two Excellent Discoveries

13 Sep

Friends, I had an eventful weekend.  I successfully hosted my first ever Girls Only D&D Night (it involved dice, champagne, and several stories our husbands wish they knew, and was a Wild Success) and made two excellent discoveries!

The first is this: if you cut up a piece of aluminum foil it will sharpen your scissors.  Don’t ask me why I was cutting up aluminum foil, I just was, okay?  BACK OFF.  *ahem*

The second is this:  the WAFFLE STITCH.  Oh, it is delicious.  It is yummy.  It will, if turned into a scarf or sweater, insulate your warm fuzzies and keep them from leaking out into the ever chillier autumn air.  It looks like this:

And, when turned into a dice bag (which I’m totally addicted to making and have, at the request of my fellow D&Ders, decided to put up for sale in my Etsy shop), looks like this:

Deeeeeeelicious!  Here’s how you make it:

1:Start with an even numbered row of sc.  At the end of your row, ch3 & turn.

2: dc in next st. *ch2, sk 2 sts, dc in next 2 sts* ch3 & turn.

3: dc in next st. *tr in first skipped stitch, working IN FRONT OF ch2 sp.  Tr in next skipped stitch working BEHIND ch2 sp, dc in next 2 dcs* ch3 & turn.

4: Repeat rows 2&3 until you get tired, or bored, or you have to go to the bathroom.

5: End with a row of sc, if you’d like.  If not, no skin off my nose.  Do what you want.  Just don’t cut up tiny bits of foil in a vain attempt to create some sort of ill-conceived latticework art project.  I mean, I guess you can, but it’ll end badly.  Your scissors will be sharpened, though, so you can pretend that’s what you were doing all along.  Lucky you.  })i({

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