Hand Wash Only? Yeah, right.

17 Aug

So, when I got married I received a whole bunch of awesome kitchen knives with “high carbon” handles that came with veiled threats stating that, in essence, if I DARED to wash my knives in the dishwasher all hell would break loose.

Well, hell is still in its rightful place, but after a few dishwasher washings my fabulous knives started to turn my fingers black when I used them.  My favorite knife, which I lovingly dubbed Tomato Knife, or TK, (since I use it to slice tomatoes almost every day), was by far the worst culprit.  Essentially, my options were these: throw away Tomato Knife, deal with the finger blackening, or come up with a solution.  I bet you can guess what I did, right???

Tomato Knife

Yeah, I’m totally predictable.  Rather than trashing poor TK, I simply made a little crocheted handle cover for him, thusly prolonging his life and saving my fingers from the gross, high carbon blackness.  It worked so well I decided to try it with my other high carbon handled knives:

And, because it worked so well as a handle cover, I also decided that it might be fun to try it as a blade cover, too:

Now all of my fancy high-carbon handled “hand wash only” (yeah, right) knives are living happily in my silverware drawer, right next to all of those silver spoons I’m supposed to polish on a regular basis..

If your knives are in need of a little TLC like TK was, or if you just want some groovy kitchen accessories, these cute little covers are available, as always, at my etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ferabeth })i({


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  1. Brenda August 17, 2010 at 2:54 pm #

    Cute! I just want to know that you use them everytime!

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